Start. Execute. Launch!

Start. Execute. Launch!

A platform that provides entrepreneurs with a step by step process for developing your idea, along with community, mentors and content to help you stay on track.

A platform that provides entrepreneurs with a step by step process for developing your idea,along with community and mentors and content to help you stay on track.

Avoid Unnecessary Mistakes


Go through a 12 step approach that is designed to help you navigate through the different decision making hurdles when building your business or project.


Get access to a library of multimedia content available to you across devices and any time to build your knowledge & help you solve problems faster.


Get access to an intimate & engaged community of fellow entrepreneurs to help build your support network and share challenges & opportunities


Get to interact with our network of mentors in order to gain technical knowledge.

How it works

Grow your idea one step at a time

1. Add your project

Create your project profile

2. Get started

Read the provided content and answer questions regarding your project

3. Follow the framework

Follow the process outlined through the platform
guided by the framework.

4. Track your progress

Monitor your progress and receive reports about the state of your project


We help entrepreneurs start, execute and launch startups and projects

Avoid Common Mistakes

Statistics show 90% of entrepreneurs fail in their journey due to mistakes that they can avoid such as not involving the users early enough. Using our platform will help you evade these mistakes and you will always know what to do at any moment.

Move Faster

Speed of execution is very vital in the startup world and therefore, by guiding you on which step to take next, the SE framework will help you move faster to launching you project.

Get support

Being surrounded by an engaged community of fellow entrepreneurs and mentors will help you grow your idea by getting insights and discussing your challenges, therefore get to grow as an entrepreneur

Impress potential investors

By showing a consise roadmap of your journey from your idea to an actual business together, you will be able to impress investors


Get insights from some of the members of the SE community

Kefa Mutuma

Product Developer at Impact Africa Network

As young innovators, we found great value in how on track and accountable the SE approach ensured we are. This contributed to how fast we could execute. Speed is crucial for all entrepreneurs. This is very much needed within our ecosystem

Charles Kithika

Mentor, Product Manager at Microsoft

I've always been passionate about helping startups who are crossing hurdles I crossed years ago and I have got the opportunity to do so here. I have learnt a lot and gathered inspiration from seeing young people step up passionately to immerse themselves in solving some of the continent's biggest challenges.

How we protect your idea

At SE, we are committed to protecting your idea and startup, and therefore we have put in measures to ensure your idea is safe with us.

Here is how we will go about it:

  • As soon as you sign up to our platform, we will send you an NDA already signed by us that will bind us to protect your data and safeguard your idea.
  • You will be able to view your NDA anytime from your profile section and download it.

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